Selected Solo Exhibitions

Formwork and Forgeries

Mars Gallery, 2020

Cities, Factories, Walls and Malls

Mars Gallery, 2018

Out of Place

Survey Exhibition

McClelland Gallery 2017

World Standard

Mars Gallery, 2016

Somewhere About Now

Glen Eira City Gallery, 2012

Survey Exhibition 2006 - 2012

Here is There

Bendigo Art Gallery, 2011


Nellie Castan Gallery, 2011

One Second, More

Nellie Castan Gallery, 2010

Place into Space

Nellie Castan Gallery, 2008

Projected Worlds

Academy Gallery, 

University of Tasmania 2008


Nellie Castan Gallery, 2006


Michael Carr Gallery, Sydney 2005


Nellie Castan Gallery, 2004

Super Natural

Michael Carr Gallery, Sydney 2003

New Estates and Nature Strips

Nellie Castan Gallery, 2002

We Don’t Live Here

La Trobe Street Gallery, 1998


La Trobe Street Gallery, 1997

West Space

Westspace Gallery, 1995

Changing Places

Sydney Contemporary 2017